Our approach

We strategically and consistently enforce our clients’ interests at the negotiating table or in court. Chess or boxing – we know how to do both!

Due to the former leading positions of some of our professionals in international companies, we know the special needs of legal departments and entrepreneurs. We think not only in legal terms, but also in entrepreneurial categories and industries, in order to enforce our clients’ interests  in line with relevant market mechanisms.



We advise companies, associations, executives on all employment law issues and take on selected employee mandates. The focus of our work is on out-of-court and in-court representation in disputes. We support our clients in the run-up to dismissal, in proceedings for protection against dismissal and in disputes with the workers’ council. In cases of employee misconduct, we also accompany the criminal prosecution. Of course, we also advise our clients on the drafting and negotiation of employment and management contracts as well as dissolution and settlement agreements.

Max Aschenbrenner, lawyer and certified specialist for employment law, has more than 30 years of experience in all facets this law field.



We support companies from various industries in successfully navigating the complex legal environment. As a consultant to the management and to the legal department, we advise in particular on issues of contract, commercial & business law as well as employment law. In case of dispute, we take over the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement or defense of disputed claims.

We support entrepreneurs, start-ups and (internationally operating) companies in the establishment and start-up of their business (e.g., advice on company formation, trademark registration), in the day-to-day operation of their business up to the liquidation and sale of the company (e.g., sales purchase agreements). We see ourselves not only as a consultant in legal matters, but also actively use our network for developmimg our clients’ business.

We offer support in drafting and negotiating contracts for your customer relationships under applicable laws (e.g., for sales, license, production and service agreements as well as general terms and conditions) as well as for your internal company processes.



Entrepreneurship does not work without dispute. Dealing with dispute quickly and strategically determines entrepreneurial success. We have many years of experience in handling out-of-court and in-court disputes. Always with a clear focus on the entrepreneurial success of our client.

We solve disputes at the negotiating table or step into the ring for our clients. Chess or boxing – we know how to do both!

Our founding partner Dr. Johannes von Eggelkraut-Gottanka focuses his practice on Litigation & Dispute Resolution. He represents companies in complex liability disputes and has in-depth experience in mass litigation (e.g., “Diesel” complex on the side of a company involved). Further, he has extensive experience and success in representing national and international galleries and art auction houses in art law disputes in connection with looted and stolen art as well as art forgeries.



We have extensive expertise in providing legal advice to and representing companies from various industries with respect to the distribution of their goods, services and licenses. A particular focus is on the drafting, assessment, negotiation and enforcement of commercial and distribution agreements (such as agency agreements, authorized dealer agreements and license agreements as well as supply agreements).

In the context of the termination of distribution relationships, we represent our clients in and out of court, for example, in enforcing and defending claims for damages, commission claims, commercial agent compensation claims and claims to retain documentation to assess compensation claims.

Furthermore, we represent our clients in and out of court in disputes in the context of supply relationships, for example by enforcing or defending claims arising from delays in delivery or poor performance.



We specialize in the sports, media, entertainment, and event industry and advise (international) associations, clubs, event organizers, agencies, media companies, rights holders as well as service providers from these industries in legal matters.

Thanks to the professional experience of our founding partner Dr. Johannes Ranke, we are familiar with the international sports media industry and their market mechanisms.

The focus of our consulting activities is the drafting of contracts for licensing, sponsoring, advertising, agency, production, and other service agreements. We also advise you on securing trademark, personal rights, copyrights, and industrial property rights as well as in tender processes and sales pitches.

Due to digitalization, the focus is increasingly on contracts in connection with the handling of digital business models.